Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where is Steve Jobs?

Where is Steve Jobs Now? Case study submitted to
Venerable Dhammajayo

Georgia Meditation Class August 22nd

Last week it was announced that our Abbot would be going over the Case Study of Steve Jobs which was submitted to him many months ago. When I first found out that the Abbot has received a submission to talk about Steve Jobs Case Study I was very curios to find out what the Abbot would reveal. I told our class this many months ago, from hearing it myself through the grapevine from one of our Dhammakaya members. And now, finally, after many months I came across an image that I couldn’t read. I sent it over to a dhammakaya meditation members that I am friends with, we’ll call him Richard K and he confirmed to me that sure enough the Venerable would be speaking about Steve Jobs Case Study to be presented on August 17th, August 18th, and August 20th during our Abbot’s show, Dream Kindergarten Dream. This is a show that airs everyday on the DMC channel, where people from around the world who believe in reincarnation and the high level meditation of our Abbot, submit various questions that afflict their lives.  Often times after cases are explained there definitely seems to be some sort-of parallel connection that makes perfect sense. Like the Case Study that we watched in class many weeks ago, about a little girl the age of 10 years old, who wrote the Abbot asking what her Karma was to be born in this life, but look like an old lady the age of 60. To summarize it the Venerable mentioned that in a previous life she was influenced by her mother to be rude and hurtful to her grandmother, later when her father passed away, they (her mother and her) cause a lot of suffering and sadness to her grandmother to the point where she passed away, she would always tease her grandmother “you old lady, you old hag” so in this life she is a little girl, who looks 60. Hmmmm well that is possible?! And makes sense nothing you can prove, but I would hope things have a reason for happening to others and its not “just because” it just makes sense to me as a human being. So therein lies one case study that I have listened to.

However Steve Jobs Case Study had been in the works for many months. When I found out about the Venerable planning to answer questions written to him, I was itching to get my hands on the material. I called the staff person at the Georgia Dhammakaya Meditation Center and asked her to record the information for me, figured she would have direct access to resources. However getting the information over to me quickly enough, was not happening and I wanted to present the materials on August 22nd, so with that I buzz in different directions doing plenty of research and downloading until I was somehow able to get all the videos aired. It took many hours. When I finally watched the material, I knew it was just too long, each episode was about an hour long, with that I decided the best way to present the material, since most of it was in Thai, was work on translating it and presenting it myself. I honestly did try to figure out the most efficient way where I didn’t have to do it, but in the end with being crunch for time, since I put a deadline for myself, it had to be me. With that and the timing of when I received all the videos, I was crunched to meet my deadline. I ended up figuring out how to record my voice on the computer and did it in one shot! This is it! In the end when the class watched it yesterday, I can’t lie that I was proud to create something that I was able to share with others. It gave my mind happiness to know that I was helping to spread the teachings of the law of karma, in my own little way. The Venerable always tells us before going over a case, to listen to the answers like it’s a fairytale, do not believe it, do not disbelieve it, but if you can gain some wisdom in the stories, than you have benefited.

So here is my work. I created this video so that I can share it with our weekly meditation class, and anything more than 30 minutes wouldn’t work for us since our dhamma portion of the class is allotted 30 minutes, that is why this video worked out really well at 20 minutes. 

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