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Wed Meditation Class ~Feb 6, 2013

Dhamma (Wisdom) Talk

Wednesday Feb 6 Meditation Class

GOODNESS – Venerable Na Long’s Dhamma (Wisdom) Talk last night.

What is goodness? Goodness is good deed. Good deeds are through:- thinking, speaking, and acting. When we do good deeds, such as learning to still the mind through meditation, performing acts of generosity, or good moral conduct, we gain merit for ourselves. Merit is pure power. Merit is delicious food for the mind. When we perform merit we will feel calm, joy, bright, and happy. We will feel generous, compassionate, and grateful. When we get used to performing good deeds, it will transform into good habits.

A Person with good habits is a person of the people, a super person; a super man! People will share, support, protect and sacrifice for a good person. Everyone will love you because of your goodness, and will respect your words. You will be a good representation for society. This is the character of a great person, live humble but do high. Notably, good or bad person can be rich. But good person is rich with happiness that is permanent.

Good deeds which is merit is similar to pure water. Bad deed, demerit is similar to salt. When you do bad deed, you put salt into pure water which is unsuitable for drinking. You are useless man. People need pure water/good person. In conclusion, you do good, you get good. You get what you give. This is the universal law of life.

 Blessing You ~ Venerable Na Long

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