Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Happiness through Inner Happiness

Notes from Meditation Class July 25th  Dhamma talk given by Venerable Heart

1)   There is no happiness like the happiness found through inner peace. Worldly happiness is temporary and hard to satisfy; generally most people always want more. You want an iphone, but then a few months later you want the newest model that comes out. In general worldly happiness is quite temporary and doesn’t last for long, unlike the happiness attain from meditation, which is permanent and grows with consistency in practice

2)      Do not give up or become discouraged in your meditation practice, anything that is worth it in life is generally not easy and there will be obstacles. Make a commitment to practice everyday and each time you will progress. Think about the rewards of being able to have more control of your mind, how great that would be. Everything stems from the quality of the mind and you are able to deal with life’s circumstances much easier with wisdom.

3)      In meditation practice you will know that you are progressing when different sensation occur you may feel your body is expanding, or that your body is getting smaller, or that you are falling. You may feel that your body has completely disappeared and is weightless. Do not be afraid when these different sensation occur just continue to still your mind and your meditation will get deeper and deeper.

4)      Venerable Heart asked the class, “what is your goal in meditation?” For most practitioners it is to learn to calm the mind, to help deal with stress, however for our meditation members who come to our classes regularly they will know that through meditation they gain merit, which is pure energy. Merit attracts good things into your life, in fact as a Buddhist we often say merit is behind all your success, even to the extent that we are born as a human being to meditate. Just wish more people would begin to realize that we are in this world to build virtues and pursue perfection the only way to do this is through meditation. If you start to attend our meditation classes regularly you will learn the reasons why and eventually if you don’t see it now, you will see it as you start to incorporate meditation into your daily life. We had one meditation member, Karl, answer this question, he said originally he came to the meditation center to learn to calm the mind, but now he knows there is a deeper purpose. Then he turned and asked me, “Bee why do you meditate” well I definitely gave an ear full. I told the class I meditate to gain merit, I meditate to gain wisdom and to elevate myself, I meditate because I want to be on the path of pursuing perfections. I am not ready to give-up my worldly life and ordain to become a nun, not this lifetime, but doesn’t mean I can’t start building my goal in that direction. I went onto explain the reason why Buddhist laypeople give Venerable so much respect, because they have renounced all worldly possession for a life of upholding 227 precepts, meditation, and teaching dhamma, which means seeing the world as it really is. How fortunate we are to have a true powerhouse of peace and wisdom to learn from :)

5)   Venerable Hart mentioned that when your mind is at a standstill you will see brightness; this is the very beginning stage. The Venerable’s advice stay with the stillness within the stillness and maintain your mind at the center of your body. As you meditate you will advance to the different absorption levels within, which is your transcendental body. That you will see through your meditation. That is his goal in meditation.

6)   Question from the class. When sitting in the lotus position for long duration of time isn’t that bad for your health? Venerable’s answer there are monks in Thailand who meditate for 2-3 days straight without moving their body and they are fine. Sure you can sit the wrong way, and close off a nerve, but if you sit in the lotus position with the right technique your circulation will flow and you won’t ever have any issues. I have never heard of any health issues from sitting in the lotus position at hours on end. 

Meditation Class Photos July 25, 2012
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Precepts and Meditation

Precepts and Meditation
Georgia Dhammakaya Meditation Center

Wednesday Meditation Class July 16, 2012

Meditation members are often reminded of the three ways to cultivate merit through meditation, generosity, and keeping the precepts. Merit is positive energy and is the product of good deeds. These three forms of practice help with your progression in meditation. If one truly wants to progress in meditation you must align your body, speech, and mind towards that goal. Meditation combats delusion and through meditation wisdom develops. Generosity combats greed which teaches one to let go. Upholding the precepts of moral conducts; are ideal rules of training which we try to train ourselves until we can keep them perfectly. As lay people the basic precepts consists of 5, which are to refrain from taking the life of another, refrain from taking that which is not given, refrain from sexual misconduct, refrain from false and harmful speech, and refrain from consuming intoxicating drink and drugs which lead to carelessness. Part of the rules of training is to increase your level of awareness in the things we say and do. Precepts are the things that we say and do, once it is internalize and practiced mindfully the effect runs deep and slowly becomes habit; thus you will start to change how you see and think of the world, which changes the quality of your mind. It is actually purifying the quality of your mind directly. Join us every Wednesday at the Georgia Meditation Center where we come together once a week to meditate; and on Sunday for Sunday Service where we come together to meditate, take a vow to uphold the 5 precepts, and perform act of generosity by alms giving to our Monks which uphold 227 precepts, please visit our webpage for more detial. *Please note this has been a summary of Venerable Nicholas Dhamma talk of the Dhammakaya International Foundation. I hope that you will find wisdom in his teaching and practice purifying your body, speech, and mind to further accumulate virtues in this lifetime, which is why we are here on this earth. When you truly see this you will want to spread inner happiness to all and that is why we are so fortunate to be connected to a powerhouse of peace and virtue, the Dhammakaya foundation, note there are several programs for all to come and learn about meditation and help to spread it throughout the world.

If you missed class this past Wednesday please be sure to watch this video of Venerable Nicholas on the different ways of accumulating merit  click on this link to view the dhamma talk

Let's try to dedicate to meditate everyday and continue to pursue perfections!