Monday, April 11, 2016

Dhammakaya History 101

Meditation Group - History 101

Last blog entry was almost 3 years ago! As of today, this blog will have more activity! For the past few years, most of our activity has been posted on our facebook fanpage, and other channels, but when it comes down to it, blogging is the best way to expand and truly capture class discussions, summaries, teachings etc.

Since this is the first blog in a long time, I’d like to start out with a little history of our meditation group. We had our first meditation session in 2004, we then held a second session in 2006, and both were a huge success! We didn’t begin to formally meet on a weekly basis until 2007. The beginning of the group  had many challenges, but we persevered and today we are a solid group!

Our success in spreading meditation since 2007 would not have been possible without the vision and support of Venerable Dhammajayo, Abbot of the Dhammakaya Foundation. Today, we have hundreds of Dhammakaya centers throughout the world helping to instill meditation practice, morality, and wisdom to its members.

Year-to-date, our meditation group has helped introduce meditation to thousands of people, with countless testimonies of people who have experienced the many benefits of meditation from stress relief, health benefits, more wisdom etc.

In addition, all of our centers throughout the world  have similar initiatives to spread peace and wisdom, thus making the world a better place and helping to make the vision of our Abbot, Venerable Dhammajayo, a reality, “World Peace, through Inner Peace.”

Below are some  pix from our very first session in 2004, followed by 2006. In addition to a video on the history of our Dhammakaya Center:

May 2004

August 2006

Dhammakaya History