Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where is Steve Jobs Part 2?

Georgia Meditation Center August 29th

Conclusion of Steve Job’s Case Study “Why did Steve Jobs die of Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 56?”

Nothing gives me greater happiness than to know I am helping people! When people come to our meditation group, and tell me how meditation is helping them it truly does fill my heart with so much joy. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing with my time then helping others learn about meditation, learn about the wisdom within, learn about the dhamma and hopefully they are able to gather some wisdom from what they learn and apply into their life. We truly have a treasure chest at our Dhammakaya center, and it is my wish that people come with an open mind, to learn how to build perfections in their life! Because that is what we are here for; I often tell the class we are born to meditate, eventually through time, most meditation members begin to understand why this statement could be true, or why I am strongly passionate about helping others to learn this ancient art. Meditation is power within us, so shouldn’t we all learn to unlock this power, and truly devote ourselves to the practice daily J

Yesterday, after our guided meditation we watched the conclusion of Steve Job’s case. I told the class yesterday, before watching the video that as I was creating this video, and translating the words of our Abbot, Venerable Dhammajayo, I couldn’t help scratch my head from time-to-time, wondering why I am unable to recall any of my past lives, and then I realized even in this life, I can’t recall the day I was born, so how could I possibly recall anything beyond that point. Even as I was translating the words of the Abbot, I listened and watched the video open to the possibility that recalling another’s pass life is possible, I can’t say it is and I can’t say it isn’t, so I am open and in the end there is a lesson that to me makes all the sense in the world!  More than again, nothing truly explain why bad things happen to good people, or good things happen to bad people, or why anything happens at all, other than the law of karma, so that in itself makes me a believer! And that in itself makes me thankful that I am fortunate enough to study this kind of knowledge, and as a result I am able to conduct my life on the right track, and even if it is true or if it is not I am benefiting from it none-of-the-less so with that I give you the conclusion of Steve Jobs with the last question asked from Tony Seung “Why did Steve Jobs die of Cancer at the age of 56?”

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