Thursday, August 9, 2012

Choose Happiness!

Class Dhamma Talk August 8, 2012

Venerable Hart showed us a video of Nick Vujicic I had never seen the video nor have I ever known of him and I couldn’t help but get a little emotional after watching the video. It truly was inspiring. Before watching this video the Venerable asked the group if there are times in life where you feel discouraged, depressed, or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Of course everyone has had times like this before and we can all relate. The Venerable said watch this video and it will inspire you to be happy. He was right! After I saw the video I couldn’t help but realize how we all have obstacles to face in our lives, but you have a choice to be happy and the truest form of happiness is the one that you find inside of yourself when your mind is still. It is the only form of happiness that brings you true wisdom to deal with all the difficulties that we face.

After the video was presented to the group the Venerable reflected on the teachings of the Buddha he mentioned that in our existence we have been brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, handicapped, royalty, peasants, rich, etc countless number of times already and counting the cycle of each of our existence is incalculable and numerous. We are born in this lifetime as a human being, we should use our human form to pursue perfections, we need to use our time to meditate and accumulate good deeds. To realize that life isn’t easy, see the suffering and impermanence of life not as something that is depressing, but something that is true and real, to see the wisdom in this and start trying to live your life towards virtue and doing good deeds by purifying the mind through meditation, by cultivating good deeds, and by upholding precepts and conduct your life morally.

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