Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Venerable Brahm - Meditation, Buddhism and Science

Aug 10th Meditation Class

After guided meditation today we listened to a dhamma talk given by Venerable Brahm a monk who resides at Dhammaloka Buddhist Center in Australia. After graduating with a physics degree from Cambridge University in 1960's he taught high school for a year, before traveling to Thailand where he was ordained as a Theravadan monk. His dhamma talks are entertaining, lively, and very informative. His dhamma talk on Buddhism and Science was recorded October 2001. He has many interesting dhamma talks found on youtube his dhamma talks generally draw 300+ people to the Dhammaloka Center. This is really a good read/listen!

If you prefer to read a copy of the audio given by the Venerable you can find the article Meditation, Buddhism and Science the audio is also embedded below for you to listen to.

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