Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alms Offering Services Sundays

Alms Offering Every Sunday 

Georgia Mediation Center 

Sunday marks a day where we dedicate our day to accumulating merit (positive energy accumulated from good deeds performed). Every Sunday a lay person takes on the role of Master of Ceremony, there are many different reasons one decides to take on the leadership role of offering food to the Sangha (order of monks) it can range from celebrations such as marriage, a birthday, a new home, to gaining merit for a deceased relative.

There are many ways to gain merit that can be summed up into three basic practices; generosity, keeping the 5 precepts, and meditation. Every Sunday we have the opportunity to participate in all 3 practices. We must try to achieve these practices so that we can continue to cultivate good deeds and merit into our lives.

Recently on November 11th we had a Meditation Member, Fausta Chavez, who also attends Alms Offering Service on Sundays take on the lead role as Master of Ceremony for her birthday.

I look forward to more of our meditation members joining us to gain merit on Sunday’s and to take on the leadership role to present offerings to our Sangha!

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