Thursday, October 18, 2012

World Peace Through Meditation

Georgia Meditation Center
October 17th Class

Venerable Teelapad visited our meditation group yesterday and he was great! I hope to invite him back to our class. Venerable Teelapad is currently staying at our Florida center; he has his Doctorate in Engineering, and lived in the US for 20 years. After being in the corporate world, he yearned for more spiritual balance in his life. He attended a 7 day meditation retreat, and through his meditation gain insight, later deciding to ordain and contribute to something bigger "World Peace through Meditation". The Venerable was fascinating yesterday, for the dhamma part of the class he talked about how moral conduct and meditation go together. When you meditate you gain inner insight, when you have inner insight you know how to teach yourself right from wrong. He was a great teacher I hope we are lucky to have him come back to visit us. After class ended, Nat took the lead in getting donations together for the Venerable's journey to our center, Kudos to Nat! 

Just want to add how much wisdom we gain from our Venerables, our teacher. I can't stress enough, how much I highly regard our Venerables for their virtues. Meditating 4-6 hours a day, upholding 227 precepts, following the path of the Middle Way. The Venerable talked about how if everyone in the world uphold 5 precepts (no lying, no killing, no sexual misconduct, no stealing, no intoxicants) it surely would be heaven on earth. I raised my hand, and said that this would be impossible with our current society, just look at people who choose not to drink, they are considered an anomaly,  the Venerable then reminded me it starts with you. He said start with yourself first and when you discover it you invite other people, "it" being meditation. The Venerable said it all starts from the mind, through meditation and purifying yourself. Again I feel so fortunate to be near a powerhouse of virtues such as our Dhammakaya center. I hope others can discover what I have and that is why I, along with my brother Nat, continue with our efforts every week, rain or shine we are there! One person, 10 person, 20-30 it doesn't matter, in the end it is worth it and nothing brings me more happiness than to help others discover the truth. At this point in our journey I am proud to state that through our 5  years of weekly meeting we have touched on the lives of over 2000 participants. 

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