Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GMC Merit Drive 2011

World Peace Needs Your Helping Hand. Let’s Make It Happen!!!!

The Georgia Meditation team is collecting donations for the Global Peace Generator Building; this building will be an International Buddhist center for the whole world where people from all nations can come together to one place to study world peace in their language. This Merit Drive ends on November 6, 2011 if you would like more information on the Global Peace Generator Building and would like to contribute and gain merit with us please make a donation on our paypal link found on our website www.meditationcircle.org

We are also taking donations to help with the flooding relief efforts for Thailand's worst flood of the century. Our Dhammakaya foundation has been providing aids to over 100,000 households in 23 provinces. They are running out of supplies and are reaching out for donation. If you would like to help with this relief effort you can make your donation on our website www.meditationcircle.org or directly to the Dhammakaya foundation on the link below - a press release of this recent devastation to hit Thailand.

Dhammakaya Foundation Relief Fund

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