Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 13 Meditation Class

Yesterday there was traffic heading over to the center I got there about 6:15pm which only gave me less than half-an-hour people generally start arriving 7:45ish. When I arrived to the center it was blazing hot in the meditation hall so first thing I turned on the A/C, mind you the meditation hall is pretty big and cooling it down takes a good hour...i did my best. I then had to coordinate the meditation mats and chairs, since the current staff members are new and have never helped me before, then I had to get the donation box and water bottles for meditation members, along with realizing I didn't have enough orientation/membership forms (so had to make 15 copies). So my point I was stretched out pretty thin, not a good way to start out meditation class. Oh well it happens, if I wasn't so passionate about meditation practice and doing something bigger than myself, I wouldn't be doing this, but gradually the more involved I have gotten with meditation and the dhammakaya center the more I truly want to devote myself whole heartily to spreading out our message which is "true peace through inner peace" After our guided meditation I showed a video that hopefully helps showed the class the magnitude of our Dhammakaya foundation. I also told all members that we are fortunate to have discovered this meditation technique to be affiliated with a center that teaches people (if they want to learn) the reality of our world, our universe, and the truth. Enjoy the video!

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