Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video for Meditation Classes

Am so thankful that a friend of mine, who also was one of the first people to support my efforts in guided meditation groups help create our webpage along with this video. My very first efforts of helping to spread meditation took place in 2005, Venerable Boonchoo guided the session. We did not, however, have regular weekly meditation classes until 2008. Our website along with thia video was launched this year in February we have come a very long way. If I started to document our efforts in 2008 until present so much took place to get our weekly sessions to where they are today. I must admit that this is considered an achievement in my life. I am so thankful to the Dhammakaya foundation for teaching me values on being a good moral human being and learning about merit, because that is all we really have is the cultivation of merit while we are here in this world, and that my friend is why I felt it was so important to help spread meditation. Anyways check out my very first video promoting our weekly class! Our website is www.meditationcircle.org

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